Dynamics 365: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Category: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

While William Shakespeare did not have to deal with such a question during his time, it is a question that many companies (and probably yours, if you’re reading this) are faced with today. Within the last few years, many popular software packages and services now have a cloud offering which includes Dynamics 365.

During a recent Dynamics 365 webinar we were asked a great question. How can you determine what functionality is offered with Dynamics 365 vs. on-premises? What resources are available to help make that crucial decision?

These are both extremely important and valid questions to consider, especially if your company is interested in implementing Dynamics CRM. In short, there is no right or wrong answer. The best answer depends on your company’s needs and every situation is different.  So this blog post isn’t going to answer that question, but we can help you start to ask the right questions.

In the following chart are only some, and by no means exhaustive, of the major differences between cloud-based Dynamics 365 and CRM 2016.


Below that are a few great resources by Microsoft to aid you in your continued research. Lastly, feel free to reach out to Allegient and have a skilled professional help guide you and your company to the solution that best solves your business challenges.

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Roadmap for both online and on-premises installations

CRM 2016 – Online vs on-premises features FAQ