Join us on May 17th to dive into a client’s journey to discover how a SQL 2016 Data Warehouse and a Hadoop Data Lake were utilized to create a modern data architecture that would provide the search/query and visualization capabilities required for strategic planning and execution.

Data lakes have become a critical piece of modern data architecture that enable the collection and storage of data from across a wide variety of sources including server logs, customer transactions, social media, sensor data and more. This cost-effective option scales with you over time and will enable deeper insights and faster decision making.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data Lake Anatomy – What is it and what can it do?
  • Case Study Walkthrough – From planning to implementation and execution, find out how this solution is enabling a new level of business intelligence and hear about lessons learned during the process.
  • Advanced Visualizations – Review powerful “in-the-field” dashboards that reveal key insights in a relevant, easy-to-read format regardless of technical background.